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Watch the spots! Larry and Todd learn a lesson from "Papa" Nature:


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Mow it High, Let it Lierecycle your lawn

Father Nature wants us to recycle our lawns. Whether it is grass clippings in the spring or leaves in the fall, all of "Papa" Nature's hard work can be returned to the lawn with a mulching mower. The chopped up leaves and grass will return nutrients for the lawn to grow lush and green. Learn more.


Only rain in the drainOnly Rain in the Drain

"Papa" Nature never wants us to put anything down the storm drains; they are just for rainwater. Dumping leaves and grass clippings in storm drains or in a stream can block the flow of water and cause flooding as well as contribute to water quality problems in our streams.  It is illegal to put anything other than clean rainwater down a storm drain. Learn more.


This project is a partnership between the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment and the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program.