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Father Nature says "Mulch Mow Leaves"

Fast Facts:recycle your lawn

  • K-State Research and Extension recommends mowing right over leaves with a mulching mower. View their video on proper mulch mowing of leaves.
  • Mow leaves frequently and no more than one inch of fallen leaves at a time. The finely chopped leaves filter onto the soil surface and breakdown over the winter into compost.
  • By mulch mowing frequently in the fall, residents can incorporate up to six inches of leaves into their lawn without concern.
  • Dumping leaves in storm drains or near a stream can block the flow of water and cause flooding and contributes to water quality problems in our streams.  It is illegal to put anything other than clean rainwater down a storm drain.

What else can you do with all your leaves?

Since January 1, 2012, Johnson County residents cannot dispose of yard waste in landfills. The following yard waste is restricted from landfills: grass clippings, leaves, tree and brush trimmings. Yard waste picked up at curbside must go to a facility to be composted or mulched. Residents can also choose to manage their yard waste on their own. Here are some convenient options for yard waste management:


This project is a partnership between the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment and the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program.